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Pre-Order Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw Pact

Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw PactWe are proud to announce that the first book in our new Weapons and Equipment of the Warsaw Pact series is now available for pre-order.

Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw Pact will be released on 22nd August. It details more than 100 military vehicles from the 2P26 “Baby Carriage” – a compact Soviet off-road vehicle mounted with anti-tank missiles – to the T-80U main battle tank, in service from 1985 onwards.

Pre-order the ebook or paperback now.

This We’ll Defend: The Weapons and Equipment of the U.S. Army

This We'll Defend coverThe U.S. Army is the best-equipped force in military history, from the simple bayonet to multi-million-dollar technological marvels like the M1 Abrams tank and Apache Longbow helicopter.

This We’ll Defend outlines the most important weapons and equipment the Army currently uses. All facts, figures and images in this ebook are direct from publicly available Army sources, edited and annotated to form a short, easy-to-use but comprehensive reference.


  • Tracked Vehicles
  • Individual and Crew Served Weapons
  • Aircraft
  • Air Defence Artillery
  • Anti-Armour Weapons
  • Indirect Fire Systems
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Defence Equipment
  • Wheeled Vehicles

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